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Thursday, September 17, 2009

From The Chairman's Desk

Dear Members,

If you were there, you had it. If you were absent, you really missed it. Well! I am speaking of the National Conference we organized last fortnight. It was a great academic extravaganza, though initially shadowed largely by swine flu. For me, personally, it was a very gratifying event. The organization was in doledrums time and again, but with great support from our President Shri. Uttam Prakash Agarwal, TL and WTO Committee Chairman Shri. Anuj Goyal and tremendous active participation of Conference Co-ordinator Shri.K.J.Bansal and Shri. C.V.Pawar, RCM, we could sail through. The accomplishments of various Committee Chairmen and their members were exceptionally above par. It was a great team effort. I sincerely feel that more members should have attended the Conference, Friends, the enlightening words of wisdom from various learned faculties would go a long way in the professional careers of the attending members, I am sure. Through the last minute spot registration bestowed the faith of member in the organizers. And the gala evening at panhala! Who would forget it? You can catch all the action at the National Conference by visiting the Branch’s blog at www.kolhapurbranchofwircoficai.blogspot.com

After the successful organisation of the National Conference, this month we would be concentrating on counseling of students regarding Chartered Accountant course in various colleges and institution. The “Emerging Paradigm” has shown us the way and President Shri.Uttam Prakash Agarwal has certainly saved way for the new entrants to join the profession in large numbers in the coming future. I solicit your active participation in this effort.

You must now be deep in conducting the tax audit, awaiting clients to come for audit hopefully early. Time management is the call of the day. Comply the tax audits on schedule and be prepared to enjoy Diwali holidays.

Till I meet you in person.

Yours Sincerely

CA Umesh J. Powar,


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