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Saturday, August 8, 2009

From Chairman's Desk

Dear Members,
With the august onslaught of long awaited monsoons and green activities at the branch level, I am happy to inform you about the first ever prestigious National Conference being hosted by the branch in Kolhapur.
Our branch was founded in 1981 and since then has organized two Sub– Regional Conferences and two tax cons, besides numerous other professional conferences, Seminars and CPE activities. The branch has been twice felicitated for its exemplary performance by the Institute by awarding the ‘best small branch’ in the western region. Now, to top it all we are organizing the first ever National Conference of the topographical region.
The theme of the conference is “EMERGING PARADIGM FOR ACCOUNTANTS” and it is being organized by the Committee on Trade Laws and WTO of the Institute and hosted by our branch. The conference will be spread over three days from 20th to 22nd August, 2009 and will be conducted at the picturesque campus of Shivaji University. Speakers and experts of eminence will enlighten the delegates in seven sessions wherein topic of global, national and professional importance will be deliberated.
Considering the set- up at the venue and organizational detailing, the number of delegates is restricted to 350 on first cum first served basis and taking into consideration the great importance and opportunity of attending the Conference, it would be wise to register yourself at earliest, to avoid disappointment. There would be no spot registration!
Our President CA. Uttam Prakash Agarwal is taking keen interest in the organization of the Conference, which is convened by CA. Anuj Goyal, Chairman, Committee on Trade Laws & WTO, ICAI, New Delhi and co-ordinated by CA. K.J. Bansal, Pune. Numerous Committees have been formed for the smooth and successful organization of the venture and the ball has now started rolling in the real earnest. The details of the conference are printed elsewhere in this bulletin.
The long awaited Union budget followed the monsoons, but proved to be very lukewarm affair. I shall keep aside the details of economics involved, but on the front of Direct Taxation, the expectations of common man as well as professionals were not aptly fulfilled. Overall, the budget proved a dampener with exception of doing away of FBT and CTT and some small tit- bits, here and there.
Friends, you may be now pretty busy with income tax returns and tax audits, but do not forget to register for the National Conference, at earliest.
I wish you a happy Independence Day in advance.

Yours Sincerely,
Umesh J. Powar


  1. Xellent! Well done Umesh and all the team members. Once again wishing you all success for the forthcoming events.

  2. very nice sir we are with you for every support and help you need for our forthcoming event.....

  3. Dear Chairman Sir,

    Also give entire details of Conference on this blogspot. Add photographs of Mahalaxmi/Temple and Panhala Fort.

    In addition if possible give list of places of historical interest.

    Thereafter, send the link of this blogspot to all the email groups like CAsofGoa, NashiCAs, SolapurCAs, Thane/Pune Cas, branches & study circles.

    All the Best!!!!

    Member WIRC

  4. Excellent!!!!! Nice to see that our Branch is becoming so technosavy with your leadership Umesh. I also thank CA Anil Jadhav for taking efforts in developing this blog.

    CA Deepika Kumbhojkar

  5. Its really a pleasant surprise!!

    well done Umesh, Anil & team.

    Wish you all the success for National Conference.

    Kedar Hasabnis

  6. Its a very great achivement of our branch with the leadership of CA Umesh and helping hand of CA Anil. Congratulation to all the other office bearers and best of luck for further activities.

    CA Ritu Waichal

  7. CA Santosh PalsuleAugust 11, 2009 at 10:00 PM

    Its good effort by Branch.

  8. Congratulations!!!!

    This is for the first time the blog is written for our branch. I appreciate the efforts taken by Umesh, Anil and other team members.



  9. ZAKKASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All The Best.


  10. The person working for this blog and in the National Conference is not seen in the photos. Where are u man...?

  11. Dear Umesh,

    Hearty congratulations for this wonderful initiative of your team ICAI at Kolhapur.

    Please upload the conference PPT, papers of the speakers etc. also for the benefit of the members.

    As a coordinator for the National Conference, I was very happy to work hand in hand with a very dedicated team at Kolhapur Branch. I always appreciate the contribution and behind the screen work of all the former Chairmen and senior Chartered Accountants from Kolhapur. It will bring very good results for this branch.

    Wish that very soon, Kolhapur Branch will have its own well furnished ICAI Bhawan.


    CA. K.J.Bansal
    Member Editorial Board, ICAI-2009,
    Past Chairman of Pune Branch of WIRC of ICAI.