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Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Let’s make our country the best place to live.
Lets make India shine and glow like the Sun.
On this special day let us recall the names of great freedom fighters,
the legends of freedom struggle,
who sacrificed their lives for the future generations of India
Jai Hind

1 comment:

  1. The blog is becoming more and more interesting. Since the first view of it till date it has now become more attractive and interesting. I agree with our very own CA C V Pawar who has given a very good suggestion of including the photos of Goddess Mahalaxmi along with branch premises {if possible as static frames and/or even adding places of tourist interest in form of a slide show with some link to it}. That would certainly make the blog still more interesting at this point in time on the eve of national conference. And I am sure, later on articles of academic and professional interest would keep the blog in limelight.

    Lastly, as stated by you though Kolhapur Branch Website was my brain child, I am sure that my dream will be fulfilled some time or the other. This blog which you have created will somehow be looked upon as the birth of that brain child ( though I have not fathered it, ha...ha..ha.)and I am sure with the passage of time it will grow to unscalable heights.

    Once again wish a grand success for the big event and heartiest congratulations to you all for an awesome achievement. I am really proud of you all.